Should I apply to The Freemen House?
Joining a sober living community is a big step in anyone's recovery journey.  The following questions will aid in your decision whether completing an application for The Freemen House is right for you.


3 Objectives

Is your Aim…

  • Recovery: To overcome all your external challenges and character defects?
  • Love: To be part of a supportive community?
  • Wholeness: To know who you are and to live with purpose?



Are You Willing…

  • Seek: To abandon yourself to God as you understand Him?
  • Stand: To fully embrace reengagement and responsibility in all areas of life?
  • Work: To work full time (or equivalent volunteering if disabled)?


3 Deterrents

Do You Have…

  • Violence: Past history of assault, sex offense, or arson? (evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
  • Meds: Current medications which have potential to be abused? (typically be substituted for others)
  • Stability: Medical or mental health conditions that require on-site medical staff? (typically beyond our scope of services)

If your answer to the first 6 questions is “yes”, and “no” to the last 3 questions, then The Freemen House is a community for you.  If any of these questions raised concerns for you, please give us a call to talk it over.

Select an Application
We are excited that you are considering The Freemen House as a part of your recovery journey!   Life at The Freemen House offers accountability and encouragement proven to protect recovery, promote healthy relationships, and cultivate personal responsibility. This direction and consistency will empower you to keep your recovery first.