The Freemen House strives to create a safe home that helps men and women obtain sobriety and
wholeness through an authentic relationship with a loving God, while working through the twelve steps.


In our homes we seek to love our brothers and sisters through their journey to recovery, and that
through love, support, community and the 12-steps they will recognize self-worth, self-love, and love for
others. The ultimate goal for each of our brothers and sisters is to begin a self-sustaining life with God
as their guide to a full and balanced life, and to contribute to the community as others have contributed
to their own recovery.



Recovery is not simply hearing solutions but putting them into practice, until practice becomes a way of life. 

Each Resident is encouraged to abandon themselves to God and trust Him with the process.  We do not assume to know what is best for each Resident, but we will guide them to the One who does.


Love is the wholehearted desire to seek the well-being of self and others at all times and in every way.

As love is commonly misunderstood, we encourage each Resident to seek out a more complete understanding.


Wholeness is a general working awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses and a healthy acceptance of both.

Residents are encouraged to seek a healthy self awareness for themselves in relation to God as they work through the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The Freemen House exists to support each Resident on their path to wholeness.