Shawn and Leah Richardson

Shawn and Leah decided to answer God’s calling to help men and women who are looking for a way out of alcoholism and addiction by creating a safe, supportive environment in which to recover.  Shawn says, “The homes are an expression of all the work that God accomplished in my own recovery journey.”

Their hope is that when Residents encounter the dynamic love and wisdom that is woven into the culture at The Freemen House they will not only stay sober, but will be inspired to grow in God and will obtain every promise that a loving Father has for His child. 

The intention of The Freemen House is to provide structure that creates freedom, offering every resident who comes through the doors the opportunity to enrich their life and build healthy relationships – with God, with others, and most importantly with himself/herself.

Shawn and Leah have been married for over a decade.  They have two wonderful children and live in the greater Dover, NH area.