Leadership Application

The culture of our homes is fostered by the amazing people we call our recovery leads and spiritual leads.  They have personally journeyed through their own challenges, overcome, and now model the promises that all who come through our doors desire to see in their own lives.  The Freemen House offers a season to partner with individuals as a live-in facilitator of the community.  Does this fit your life goals, work with your current life circumstances, and/or sound like an opportunity through which your character and leadership potential may be cultivated?  If yes, read on!


Candidates are directed to complete a digital application.

Review the Role

Take a deeper look.


Candidates set aside time to meet with Freemen House leadership.

Review the Role

Take a deeper look.

Community Interaction

Candidates are then invited to participate in weekly house rhythms, after which a determination is made.

Talk Through Details

Give us a call.