The Freemen House offers a season to partner with each Resident on their journey.  The objectives for this season include:

  • Working through all 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous alongside a sponsor
  • Coming to a workable relationship with God as they understand Him
  • Relaying a foundation from which to live as a healthy member of society

For the purpose of laying a foundation for themselves, it is expected that the Resident commit to the program for a minimum of three months upon receiving admission.  The intention is for the Resident to have one year with the House, and we hope that each Resident chooses to commit and follow through for one year for their own benefit.

Program Requirements

  1. Seek God
  2. Maintain sobriety
  3. Work through the 12 Steps of AA/NA/HA
  4. Satisfy all recovery responsibilities
  5. Maintain employment
  6. Maintain good financial standing
  7. Volunteer in the community

House Structure

  1. Maintain a clean living space
  2. Complete assigned house chores
  3. Attend mandatory house meetings
  4. Hold curfew
  5. Pre-approve visitors with the House Manager
  6. Respect residents and neighbors
  7. Work through conflicts as they arise

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