Recovery Lead

Who is a Recovery Lead?

“A life lost”

The Recovery Lead provides administrative, recovery, and spiritual oversight for the House, and also oversees the day-to-day Resident adherence to the culture and expectations, alongside the Spiritual Lead. The Recovery Lead has personally journeyed through all the stages of recovery and is given a platform from which to assist others in that same journey. The recovery practices cultivated over time become further solidified as they are shared. Though a good portion of the role is upholding the administrative side of the House, the majority of the influence is derived from a life modeled before the Residents day in and day out. A lifestyle of sobriety is what each is after.


The ideal Recovery Lead possesses the following qualities:

  • Displays consistent character and humble leadership (a servant, not a dictator)
  • Altruistic/loves people
  • Possesses a selfless attitude
  • Possesses an administrative aptitude
  • Has a professional attitude
  • Has a spirit of hospitality
  • Strong conflict resolution skills
  • Strong leadership
  • Strong boundaries
  • Actively seeking God as they understand Him
  • Hard worker
  • Confident
  • Money is not a primary objective
  • Recovery
    • Working a solid program
    • “Recovered” (i.e. “not new” in recovery)
    • Good reputation within the recovery community and the community at large
    • The Promises are coming true in life
    • Possess the inner strength to execute dismissal upon resident relapse and maintain personal stability/clarity


We are excited that you are considering partnership with The Freemen House as a Recovery Lead! We will send you the link to the application.