Spiritual Lead

Who is a Spiritual Lead?

“A life laid down”

The Spiritual Lead provides administrative and spiritual oversight for the House, and models healthy living for and with the Residents, alongside the Recovery Lead. The Spiritual Lead is an individual who has actively sought God personally and the council of others and is eager to translate principle into practice. The House is a training ground for learning how to love others well, expressing the good things God has placed in him/her and calling forth the same in others.


The ideal Spiritual Lead possess the following qualities:

  • Wholly surrendered to God
  • Desires to walk with Holy Spirit in greater intimacy and power
  • Open to abandoning beliefs and thought patterns as God reveals Truth
  • Teachable
  • Exudes a contagious love for others
  • Displays consistent character and humble leadership
  • Complete absence of judgment of others
  • Money is not an object
  • Possesses a selfless attitude
  • Looking for a spiritual community in which to invest in and be invested in by
  • In a flexible season to engage fully in the life of the community


We are excited that you are considering partnering with The Freemen House as a Spiritual Lead! We will send you the link to the application.